Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Picture appears very slow after start up?

This problem is noticed in many electronic units,like tv,pc,phone,video games etc etc.Its called slow start up.
Many electronic devices have a problem of aging or poor fabrication casuing undue service issues, This is a tip which I have sucessfully useful for many diffficult situations.
There can be many reasons for the slow build up for the picture to appear but this can be usually related mainly with the signal processing stages getting a residual bias due a weakness of components.
This can be mainly capacitors in the convergence section and possible weak semiconductors conducting on heat.
Use a heater to warm up the suspected area and switch on. If the picture on straight , change capacitor suspected. You can switch off the set to cool off then use a heated soldering iron( non static) to touch on small value capacitors. the moment the fault clears out you have the culprit. It mightt take time and patience but is quite effective.
So using the heater for scanning coarse area and using hot iron to corner the component.
make sure that you do not over use or abuse the PCB.

This details will help.Thanks.-----------------

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