Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to troubleshoot Home theater systems not working?

Many home system users notice this problems,that there home system stoops working,if not used much.
I have come across many complaints of home systems not working when one comes back after a long holiday. Go through this tips to take care of your dear products while you are away.
To start with disconnect cable line and power to your TV and Home System , Disconnect power generally to all the other appliances if the period of absence is more than a month.
Now the most important part is that in many cases moisture build up, condensation and insect infestation can be the biggest problem apart from power related issue for which we take off the cable and take power plug off.
Cover the concerned appliance with a GOOD BLANKET to keep it warm within. If there are devices with battery you can remove battery or keep them connected to power specially cordless phones. But laptops can be kept off power. Micro waves must be clearly covered as the kitchen appliances are most vulnerable to such problems.
when you return after the holiday the clocks might have to be set after switch on .
However many may dispute to say that the power can be put on but in many cases lack of human interference results in insects to barge in and cause havoc. Hence if you in such a threat and environment, try this out.
Also you may end up saving power by switching off the fridge during this long period.
This basic procedures/tips will help you to make your home systems last long.

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