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Timing belt replacing for 2002 volvo s60 turbo?

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The timing belt replacing and its diagrams are as follows :----

5-Cylinder Engines
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  2. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable Engine stabilizer brace Servo reservoir Expansion tankAccessory drive belt Front timing belt cover Right front wheel Inner fender liner 
  3. Turn the crankshaft clockwise until the markings on the crankshaft and camshaft pulley correspond.
  4. Turn the crankshaft a further 1/4 turn clockwise and then back again until the markings correspond.
  5. Remove the upper timing belt cover.
  6. Slacken off the belt tensioner center bolt slightly.
  7. Hold the center bolt still and turn the eccentric on the tensioner clockwise to 10 o'clock.
  8. Remove the vibration damper using Volvo counterhold 999 5433 or equivalent.
  9. Remove the camshaft belt.

To install: 
  1. Turn all the pulleys listening for bearing noise. Check to see that the contact surfaces are clean and smooth. If the tensioner pulley lever or idler is seized, replace it.
  2. If replacing with a new idler pulley, tighten to 18 ft. lbs. (24 Nm).
  3. If replacing tension pulley, screw into place using the center bolt by hand. Ensure that the tensioner fork is centered over the cylinder block rib. Ensure that the Allen hole on the eccentric is at "10 o'clock".
  4. Install the camshaft belt over pulley wheel on the crankshaft.
  5. Install the vibration damper and tighten the center nut to 133 ft. lbs. (180 Nm).
  6. Install the timing belt in the following order:
    1. Around the crankshaft sprocket.
    2. Around the right idler pulley
    3. Around the camshaft sprockets
    4. Around the water pump
    5. Onto the tensioner pulley
  7. Carefully turn the crankshaft clockwise until the timing belt is tensioned. The belt must be tensioned between the intake camshaft pulley, the idler pulley and the crankshaft
  8. Hold the belt tensioner center bolt secure. Turn the belt tensioner eccentric counter-clockwise until the tensioner indicator passes the marked position.
  9. Then turn the belt tensioner eccentric back so that the indicator reaches the marked position in the center of the window and tighten the center bolt to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).
  10. Press the belt to check that the indicator on the tensioner moves easily.
  11. Install or connect the following:

    Front timing belt cover and tighten to 9 ft. lbs. (12 Nm) Upper timing belt coverAccessory drive belt Servo reservoir Expansion tank Engine stabilizer brace. Tighten the bolts at the suspension turrets to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm). Tighten the engine bracket bolt to 59 ft. lbs. (80 Nm). Inner fender liner Front wheel Negative battery cable

    Fig. Timing mark alignment
    Timing mark alignment

 Fig. Belt tensioner

  1. Belt tensioner
    Fig. Timing belt installed
    Timing belt installed
    Fig. Tension indicator at different temperatures
    Tension indicator at different temperatures

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