Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to repair a Remote Control?

Remote control has long life,in most cases.Its use is very simple.Mostly its battery gets over and you have to replace the battery and it starts working.But sometimes this remotes stop working and you buy new remotes.New remotes are not very costly.But some times the problem is minor.Before you throw away your old remote have a try with these tips: First of all remove the panel by using a sharp knife on the sides, come have screws inside the battery chamber.Once remvoed you can find the main board on which is the circuit and the carbon pads. Solder the IC the crystal, the IR LED, the driver out transistor.
make sure the battery voltage goes to the IC and there is no track loss/break.If battery had leaked into make sure to clean well with petrol and insulate after soldering with varnish.
With the battery connected check the voltage on the IC, press a pad and check for the output at IR led.
Now use a IR detector with a multimeter( in Ohms range) to see the voltage change when the remote is pressed.Now try this on or change the crystal or IC, to get your remote working again.
This details will help.

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