Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ford Escape won't stay running in the morning when its cold?

This problem is noticed on many other car models.The engine will not stay running in the morning,you need to keep the gas pedal depressed, if you release the gas pedal, the engine will die.
Basic possibilities for this problem are
Faulty pcv valve.
Problem with fuel system and components.The fuel related components like fuel line,fuel pump ,fuel filter etc etc needs to be inspected and cleaned,if checked out dirty.
Faulty O2 sensors.

But once this common possibilities are checked ok, then
The most common cause for this concern is a faulty Idle Air Contol Valve. This valve bypass's air past the throttle body on a cold start up to help raise the rpms so the engine does not stall. If the valve is stuck closed, the engine will not idle when it is cold without holding the gas pedal down.
You could do is remove the IAC valve and use a carb cleaner and spray into the valve and let it soak for a while. Sometimes the valve gets carbon on it and it can stick. The valve is located on the top of the throttle body and is held in by 2 small bolts. If you follow the rubber tube that connets to the air filter box too the engine, it will attach to the throttle body and the Idle air control valve is on top and looks like a cylinder which is about 4-5" long.
This above mentioned details will help you.
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