Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2008 Yamaha YZF-R125 bike wont start?

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This no start problem is very much noticed on this model Yamaha Bike.

The fuel injection on this bike is electronic, the fuel injector is turned on and off very quickly by the computer control module referred to as the "ECM" to supply a metered amount of fuel to the engine as needed based on the inputs from the various sensors such as the throttle position and other sensors, this is called injector "PULSE" to check and see if your injector is pulsing you will need to buy a little tool called a "NOID" injector tester, it plugs into the injector connector and when the engine turns over the Noid will flash very quickly. Also you have never mentioned whether you have had the ECM (computer control module) tested for fault codes, when it senses a problem or a sensor that is out of normal range it will record a code for this fault. You will need the factory tool (called a scanner) to do this test it is essential that this test be performed or more wasted money can be spent on replacing perfectly good parts. You can buy a Noid tester from any auto parts store like NAPA, just make sure your bike has the standard BOSCH fuel injector connector, if the connector is a different design then you will need the factory tool.
This basic details will help,you to confirm the problem.
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