Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rechargeable battery charging?

There are many device/units using Rechargeable battery or also excepts rechargeable battery.
Be it your laptop, your mobile, ipod or any deivice that has a charging battery it is important to keep it healthy so that you get the maximum life out of use. Since most of these cells have a ni-cd or ni-li composition it is important that the cells are not kept too long in idle state or drained out beyong the threshold. Since most of these cells develop back emf the charging pattern is most important. Ideally it is important to drain the battery to a low state before you charge them to the fullest. This is most important when the first charrging is done and subsequently must be done al least on a fortnightly basis.Never do half charging and short charging but try to make it fully charged. You must find a pattern of time and plan accordingly so that you get most out of your cells with good back up power.
This basic details will help you to get most of the Rechargeable batteries.

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