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How to replace valve cover gasket on 1997 chevy s-10?

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The procedure with details and diagrams is as follows :-----

  1. Disconnect the negative battery

    cable and remove the air duct assembly.

  2. Disconnect the throttle cable and remove the cable support linkage.
  3. If equipped, disconnect the cruise control cable assembly.
  4. Remove the PCV valve and pipe assembly.
  5. Tag and disconnect the spar

    k plug wires and move them out of the way.
  6. Disconnect the power br

    ake booster vacuum hose.
  7. Loosen and remove the rocker cover retaining bolts, then remove the cover from the engine.

DO NOT pry on the cover to remove it. If it sticks, use your palm or a rubber mallet to bump it rearwards, from the

  1. Using a putty knife, carefully clean the gasket mounting surfaces. Keep debris out of the engine.

Fig. Fig. 2: Unfasten the throttle linkage cover retaining bolt ...

Fig. Fig. 3: ... and remove the cover

Fig. Fig. 4: Disconnect the throttle cable from the linkage

Fig. Fig. 5: Use a suitable prytool to pry the cable retaining clip from the cable support bracket and slide the cable out of the bracket

Fig. Fig. 6: Unfasten the retainers attaching the front cable support bracket from the upper intake manifold and the valve cover

Fig. Fig. 7: Unfasten the rear cable support bracket bolt and set the cable and bracket aside

Fig. Fig. 8: Unscrew the crankcase vent valve retainer ...

Fig. Fig. 9: ... and pull the pipe and valve assembly from the valve cover
Fig. Fig. 10: Disconnect the PCV valve hose from the valve
Fig. Fig. 11: Disconnect the spark plug wires and move them aside

Fig. Fig. 12: Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose clamp using pliers ... 
Fig. Fig. 13: ... and disconnect the hose, then set the hose assembly aside
Fig. Fig. 14: Remove the valve cover retaining bolts

Fig. Fig. 15: Lift the valve cover and move it backwards until it clears the hoses at the front of the engine, then remove the valve cover

To install:
  1. Install the rocker arm cover to the engine using a new gasket, then tighten the retainers to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm). Be careful not to overtighten the fasteners and either distort the valve cover (causing and leak) or break the fastener (causing more work).
  2. Connect the spark plug wires.
  3. Install the PCV valve and pipe assembly.
  4. Connect the brake booster vacuum hose.
  5. If equipped, install the cruise control cable assembly.
  6. Connect the throttle cable and secure the cable support linkage. Tighten the bracket bolts to 10 ft. lbs. (25 Nm) and the bracket nut to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm).
  7. Connect the air duct to the inlet, then connect the negative battery cable.

This details will help.
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