Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oldsmobile Aurora Wont Start, Just a Single Click while starting?

This problem is noticed many a times and its common problem in all car models.
This is a faulty starter solenoid, this car uses a Denso (formally Nippondenso)) design gear reduction starter motor, the heavy copper contacts inside the starter solenoid get pitted from arching during engagement, this decreases the current available to the stater motor or there is no connection at all and you get the click of death. The typical set of Denso starter contacts cost about $15.00, but since the the starter is so difficult to replace I suggest you replace the entire unit if the car has over 75,000 miles on it due to starter motor brushes being worn. If you install a rebuilt starter use a AC Delco or Bosch.
If your Aurora is equipped with the 4.0L engine, the starter is located between the cylinder heads under the intake manifold. You will need injector O-rings and an intake manifold gasket set to replace the starter.
For the 3.8L engine, it is located in the conventional place. However, you will have to disconnect the engine cross brace and rotate and support the engine to get enough clearance to get it out.

This details will help.
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