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Gas spills while filling in Car?

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Gas spills while filling or car will not take gas or car stopped working after filled gas.
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Are you having trouble filling your car up? This problem is usually caused by a failed vent valve. Not all cars have them, but in those that do the vent valve is used to isolate the tank from the evaporative emission control system while the computer is purging the vapor canister. The vent valve is designed to remain open when the car is shut off. The computer commands it to close along with opening the purge valve to allow vapors to flow from the canister to the engine for burning. If your tank is not venting, either the vent valve has failed closed or the canister or hose is clogged/not accepting vapors. 
To repair, first locate the vent hose and valve. The hose is usually connected to the pump assembly on top of the tank and routed to the valve and canister. On most fuel injected cars, there are 3 hoses on the pump. One is the fuel line, one is a fuel return line from the fuel pressure regulator, and one is the vent/vapor line. The canister is usually near the tank but may be in the engine compartment in older vehicles. In those cases, there is rarely a vent valve at all, as a simple reed valve was used in those days.
An example of a vapor canister is shown below.

An independent purge valve may look like the pic below:

Sometimes the vent hose is attached to the filler pipe rather than the tank. In any case, you are looking for a hose that goes from the top of the tank or the filler pipe and leads to a charcoal box or can. The vent valve may be mounted on or integral to the canister or it may be separate. If it is separate, it will have 2 hoses attached rater than just one--the second one going to the canister. In every case, the vent valve will have an electrical connector used by the computer to close it. In an emergency, you can remove the vent hose from the valve to allow the tank to fill/vent; however most states require a properly operating evaporative emission system, so be sure to repair the valve as soon as practical.

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