Sunday, November 6, 2011

Headlight relay burning out again and again?

Headlight relay or any other relays in car,truck,jeep burns out again and again in few days or in few months.
This problem is caused by short in fuse box.
Pull the relay and inspect the pin sockets in the fuse block for any burning or melting or loose fit.
Or the other possibility is buying cheap parts or low budget parts/.
Are you using OEM relays to replace or are they aftermarket?
If you are using local auto part store relays, then
Try one from the dealer after you inspect the pin socket for fit, you can cut part of the old relay off and use it to feel how tight the fit it. It should take a fair amount of effort to slide the pin in and out of the socket. Look down into the socket and see if it is burnt, the block will need to be replaced if it is.
This above mentioned details will help you to confirm the problem.

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