Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Electronic device gets wet or falls in water?

This problem is noticed by many mobile users,that mobile get wet in rain and stops working,while washing face,the mobile fall in wash basin from your pocket.A tv remote kept at window base and it gets wet due to rain,in rainy days.The pc computer kept near the window,a tv kept near the window and it gets wet due to rain.You small kid spills water on your pc or tv or throws remote in the bucket full of water.
Water in an equipment.
It is quite common that often we have one of our hand held devices accidentely fall into water leaving us into a loss of data and money in a matter of seconds.
Water is a great enemy as it conducts with the impurities present , specially when the circuit is sensitive and highly intergrated.
what ought to be done immediately as you retrieve the device is to remove the power source- the battery. Now allow it to dry but we need to assist the process , make it clear off contacts so as no intercircuit shorts prevail.
But to make an attempt remove the covers and wash well with petrol the printed circuit board both sides making sure that the plastics or display does not come into contact. This is purely to remove all trapped moisture within the pin configurations. Now use a dryer( hair dryer) very mildly so as to take off trapped water inthe through holes of the double sided board.
Repeat the job after few hours ,use a soldering iron if there are signs of smoky lead ( traces of battery voltage in electrolysis)
If there is fumes coming on when soldering iron is touched on spots repeat till you are sure of a total dry PCB.
Use a tooth brush to clean the PCB so that all points are scrubbed well.
Finally the few seconds that water got in is critical as water conducts, the inter circuit short in the first few seconds can damage critical circuits.
Not in all cases,but in some cases this helps and device starts working.
This will help.

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