Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to test PCM( POWER CONTROL MODULE) for Ford 4.6l Engine?

Testing car pcm is not an easy task.But if you have proper diagram and procedure ,you can go for testing the ford vehicle pcm.
Do it at the connector on the PCM. You need to do it at the back of the connector by pushing a straight pin in beside the wire so it makes contact with the metal tip of the pin. If you get  no ground pulse then unplug the connector and visually inspect for pin damage in the connector or PCM. If none are found then its a bad PCM. This test is checking the wiring between the coil and PCM.

See the details and diagrams below to help you out.

You need to check for ignition coil ground pulse right at the PCM and inspect the pin that contacts the PCM to see if its damaged. If you get the same result, no ground pulse there as well then you have a faulty PCM driver which means you need a new PCM. See the Ford diagrams below to help you.


This above mentioned details will help you out.

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