Sunday, November 6, 2011

Replacing Front Seat on 1998 toyota 4 runner?

Its not very hard.
Its all fitted with bolts.Mostly this bolts are easily removed by simple bolt remover tool.But in some rare cases the bolt are of different types and needs special tool to remove the bolts.
The tool is easily available at local auto parts stores.
There are four bolts on each seat. Roll the seat back and undo the front bolts, then move the seat forward and undo the rear bolts.
After the bolts are removed, don't directly lift the seat out.First Tip the seat forward and unplug the wires to the seats.
The procedure will not take more then 30 minutes .The hardest part is lifting the seats because they are backward.There are little plastic covers over the bolts. Lift up and pull off.
This procedure will help you,to replace the seats in your vehicle.

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