Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Laptop Power Supply Getting Short?

Laptop Power supply is very important for laptop,without that laptop will not get charged.
Do not try to roll the power supply lead to the laptop all the time. This should be free of knots and twists as in the long run there is every possibility that the internal shielded twin core power wire could make a short and cut off the supply.
If there is no supply coming to your laptop please check on the short of the DC line before you buy another charger. You may just have to cut and rejoin to release the short.
Use a multimeter to check the line continuity. It will be best to open the adapter , in some cases you will need to break the sides using a sharp knife/tool so as to cut open the adapter to get access.
Also in case where the capacitor has leaked you can wash off the electrolyte , and replace the capacitor with the same value.
This basic details will help,you to take care of your laptop's power supply.

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