Monday, April 16, 2012

1992 Chevrolet stalls and shutdown?

The problem noticed on Chevy Blazer.
The engine starts fine.Then runs for few minutes then stalls and engine shuts down.The engine will not restart again.It will normally tart after few hours and same cycle repeats.

On basis of this details the troubleshooting for this problem is as follows :----

This problem is very much noticed on many old model cars/trucks.vans.

Normally this problem is due to the ignition control module getting hot and shutting down. The module is inside the distributor, replacing it should fix the problem. Take off the distributor cap and rotor, then you can remove the two screws holding the module in place.
It is the most common cause of stalling and not restarting after the engine is heated up.

This details will help.

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