Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Triumph TR6: Testing spark and Timing?

How to test spark at the plugs and spark timing.The details for old model 1974 Triumph TR6 2.5L Engine model.

To check for spark, pull the spark plug wire off at the spark plug and have someone else crank the engine. If you hold the end of the wire about 1/2" away from the plug and the spark jumps the gap then the spark is plenty strong. To check spark timing, you can use a timing light attached to the #1 plug wire. See if the timing light strobe fires at the correct timing mark on the crankshaft. If you do not have a timing light then remove the #1 spark plug, place your thumb over the plug hole and crank the engine over by hand. When a pulse of air pushes out of the spark plug hole, turn the engine until the timing marks are lined up. Then remove the distributor cap and make sure the rotor is pointing towards #1 spark plug wire on the cap.

Also make sure you have fresh gasoline in the engine. If the gas is old, drain the tank and fill with fresh gas before proceeding.

Read more details to understand the timing set issue.

Turn the engine until the timing marks are lined up.

Place a wrench on the crank bolt located on the end of the crankshaft pulley, just in front of the cooling fan. Turn the pulley clockwise (when looking at the fan from the front of the engine) so that the small indicator hole drilled in the back of the pulley is exactly 3/8-inch to the left of the timing pointer. The timing pointer is fastened to the timing chain cover and points down over the crankshaft pulley.

Please NOTE: Do not turn the pulley counter clockwise as this may damage the timing chain and may result in an incorrect reading. Move the fan and pulley in a smooth, continuous motion.

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