Monday, April 16, 2012

2007 Toyota Tacoma Cruise will not engage?

In this case the Cruise is working but it will not engage when cabin temperature is less than 75 F no matter what the engine temperature reads.

Also Indicator light comes on when Cruise is turned on.

On basis of this description,the details to troubleshoot the problem is as follows:---

First of all i will say, its a multiple problem issue.Commonly related to temperature.
Details based on Auto transmission Engine model Toyota Tacoma.

There are a few different components that can cause the problem. Since the problem is temperature related, some trouble shooting will be necessary. A simple hair dryer will work to help you figure out the faulty component. With the temperature below 75 degrees, use the hair dryer to warm the brake switch near the brake pedal. See if the cruise works. Then try the cruise control switch, lastly try warming the ecm behind the glove box. Whichever component responds to warming with the hair dryer is the one that needs to be replaced.

This details will help.

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