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In this case the customer noticed the minor coolant leak frizzing noise.It was coming from drivers side and near to firewall.

On this basic description of problem,the troubleshooting details for this issue are as follows:----

You should first check the heater hoses that run to the connections on the firewall. These are the only components on the back side of the engine that can cause a coolant leak. Other than that, the head gasket would be the likely cause.There are no recalls for this issue. It is an expensive fix, as the engine has to come out of the car for this repair. Most shops charge over $2000, but there are some shops that specialize in this repair that do it for around $1600. The head should of course be checked for warpage while it is off to replace the gasket. Good shops will also install threaded inserts into the head bolt holes in the block to prevent future problems.

There is no coolant passage or hose on the opposite corner of the engine ,so there is no water flowing through the intake manifold, BUT there is water (coolant) that flows through the crossover assembly. On that side of the engine. This part houses the water pump, supplies coolant flow to the throttle body and across to the back side cylinder head. Sounds like the gasket where the crossover meets the cylinder head may be bad, but check hose connection at rear first. 

See the help diagram shown below:----

In most of such cases the leak is from head gasket location.
Because the waterpump points to the east at the right fender. The leak is on the opposite side, southwest side of the engine.so a head gasket leak is far more likely in this location.

This details will help.

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