Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Delayed shift and harsh Shifting?

The Problem noticed on Buick Rendezvous model of year 2003.

In this case the vehicle shifts gears  late and its shifting hard.But once the vehicle gets warm by running few miles it shifts good. Also check engine light comes ON,when gear shift issue starts.

On basis of this description the details to troubleshoot the problem is as follows :---

First of all check the transmission fluid.If the fluid level is low,then it can be the issue.Fill the fluid to its exact level.
But if fluid is checked full or its not empty then fluid is not the case.

Then it,Sounds like transmission control problems. There may be codes set in the computer, as not all transmission related trouble codes will cause the check engine light to come on. The most common problem is failure of the pressure control solenoid in the transmission. This can cause delayed shifts and can also cause harsh shifting when the transmission does shift. The problem may reset after cycling the key off and then restarting the vehicle. It would be best to have the computer trouble codes checked to confirm this before replacing the pressure control solenoid.

Getting this mentioned possibilities checked will help.

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