Monday, April 16, 2012

Sidecase Failure on 2004 Saturn ION 3?

This problem is noticed on many other Saturn ION 3 Users too.
Its not a recall issue. But this problem is faced by many other users.

The Service center is sending the letter to intimate the Saturn users about this problem.Its a special policy that covers all expense to repair this issue.

Read more details as follows :----

This types of basic symptoms will be noticed on the car:---
After driven for about 25 miles the power seems to slip, the car starts to serge in power and the transmission groans.

The Variable transmission seems to be a weak link in a few of the Saturn vehicles. There is indeed a special policy regarding these transmissions.
If your vehicle does have the variable trans then I would bet the special policy applies. In a nut shell the special policy will pay for replacement of your trans for a period of 5yrs or 75,000 miles from the original in service date.

There is also a second special policy (policy number 09280A) that adds GM will pay for 50% of the Transmission repair OR they will give you a $5000 trade in credit towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle.

As per the problem it shows that these transmissions are not very good. We seem to see a lot of these failing when they get a few miles on them. This trans is also available in the Saturn Vue and is experiencing the same problems. The important part of this policy is that it is only valid on the FIRST time you go to the dealer to have it repaired.

So my advice is not to remove your vehicle from the dealer without either replacing the trans or trading it in, if you drive it or tow it home to think about your options you will no longer be eligible for this special policy. To my knowledge you can not replace the trans with a non-variable transmission.

This details will help.

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