Monday, April 16, 2012

2004 Chevy Colorado Passenger side door will not Unlock?

Ok.As per the details the drivers side door unlock with remote but passenger side door will not unlock.

On basis of this description,go through this details to troubleshoot the issue.

You have to press the unlock button once to unlock the drivers door, then within 5 seconds press the unlock button again to open the passenger door. This is the way the vehicle is made.
If you want them both to unlock with just one push of the remote button, it would take some custom wiring.

BUT if the passenger side door never unlocks or locks with remote.Then its not remote issue.

Since the passenger side will not lock or unlock, the problem will most likely be in the passenger side door lock actuator (motor). The driver and passenger power circuits for locking the doors are the same. So since the drivers side will lock, the relays and wiring are okay. Replacing the passenger door lock actuator should fix your problem.

This details will help.

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