Monday, April 16, 2012

Ignition Switch Will Not Turn Off?

The issue noticed on 1990 Chevrolet/ GM Cheyenne US Model vehicle.

The ignition switch with turn to start position with key,but will not turn to OFF position.

On basis of this description,the details to troubleshoot this issue is as follows:---

First of all try this basics
Wiggle steering wheel & or shift lever. Wiggle key, tap on key.See if this is helping to solve the issue.
But if its same problem and switch is not turning to OFF position then read further ........

The problem is not likely in the ignition lock cylinder since you can turn the key forward to start. The problem is most likely in the igntion switch itself. The igntion switch is located on the side of the steering column under the dash. Remove the two bolts securing the switch and remove the switch. If you can turn the key through the full range with the switch removed then the switch will need to be replaced.

Red arrow shows headlight dimmer switch, the ignition switch is located in same area.

See the diagram shown below:---

Should be one bolt and one nut holding the dimmer switch, then the two bolts can be removed holding the ignition switch on.
You can lower the steering column to get better access. In the picture above, the two larger copper colored nuts are what hold the column up to the dash. Take these two nuts off and the column will drop down.


But if Dimmer switch is checked perfectly ok.And you can't turn the key through the full range with the switch removed then the problem is in the ignition lock cylinder in the column. To replace the lock cylinder you would need to remove the steering wheel and then remove the turn signal switch screws and pull up on the turn signal switch to access the locking screw that holds the ignition lock cylinder in place.

This details will help.

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