Monday, April 16, 2012

Temperature gauge sits over half way mark?

The Problem noticed on 2005 saturn relay van.
The temp gauge is always over halfway mark. Also coolant overheating is noticed after van is turned off.
Also when turning ON fan to high heat the temp gauge will slowly come back down to half way mark.

On basis of the description,the troubleshooting details for these problem are as follows :----

First of all i suggest you to know how the cooling system works.This will give you better idea to know and understand the issue.

The cooling system appears to be operating properly. The thermostat opens at 195 degrees, this is right around the halfway mark on the gauge. As long as there is airflow through the radiator with the vehicle moving, the gauge will stay around the halfway point.

When stopped with no airflow, the temperature will climb to around 225-228 degrees, this is around the 3/4 mark on the gauge. This is where the computer will turn on the radiator fans. The gauge reading should go down some to around 215 degrees, this is where the fans turn off. The temp will then climb back up to around 228 where the computer turns the fans on again.

If you had a/c in your van, the computer will keep the radiator fans on any time the a/c is on. In this case the temperature would be around the halfway mark on the gauge even when stopped because the fans are on.

ALSO for coolant overheating /boiling issue i will say,
When the engine is shut off, the heat from the cylinder heads will continue to transfer into the cooling system, warming it by as much as 20-30 degrees. That is why the coolant is hotter than when you turn off the engine, also why the fans come on after restarting. This is all considered normal.

This details will help.

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