Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2000 Cadillac Deville: A/C compressor clutch won't engage

In this case the A/C refrigerant is empty and System is not taking any Freon.The Vehicle is Cadillac 2001 Deville model.

OK.On basic of this description the troubleshooting details for this problem are as follows:----

The system will set a trouble code when the refrigerant is empty. The code will need to be cleared to get the compressor to engage again.

You can access codes to read and clear them through the dash controls. Push and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons simultaneously on the a/c control panel.The warmer button located on the a/c panel,May just be a red button. It is the one you push to raise the a/c temperature.

BUT on some Cadillac 2001 models there is no RED button on A/C Panel.
On that car models
Use the 3 switches located to the right of the Driver Information Center (DIC) to activate and respond to the OBD prompts on the DIC.

INFO DOWN or INFO UP = manual toggle

Ignition ON, acknowledge any warning messages; press ON/OFF and INFO UP together for 2 to 3 seconds. Everything in front of you lights up for 4 or 5 seconds, then you will see:
Display shows "ALL?"
Answering YES will display "ALL CODES?"
Answering YES will run automatic test sequence and display codes.

Now clear the codes.

You are going to have to get some refrigerant into the system in order for the pressure sensor to read pressure, then clear the code again and the clutch should engage. If you cannot get any refrigerant into the system, try a different charging adapter.

But if the if its not taking ANY refrigerant or not clearing the codes by this procedure then,you will have to get the vehicle to local auto parts store and clear the codes with a scan tool, and it may activate the clutch on the compressor,and then you can recharge the AC system with refrigerant.

This details will help.

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