Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multiple Obd Codes on 1999 buick Century Custom?

In this case the customer noticed problems like .......
MIL light on dash blinks, engine lacks power, hesitates,stumbles under acceleration would like to stall at stop light.

The OBD codes P0302,P0202,P0753 are retrieved in scanning.
The Customer has already installed new spark plig wire for the #2 clyinder. Removed plug and it was wet. exchanged spark plugs 2 & 6. checked plug 2 a second time it was wet again.So the problem is similar with all this parts replacing.

On basis of this details the troubleshooting for this problem is as follows :-----

As per the details it indicated problem with injector.

Remove the plenum and check the wiring to the #2 injector. You will likely find that the injector wiring is chafed, pinched or shorted. This will cause the P0202 code and will supply too much fuel to cylinder #2 and will cause this cylinder to misfire. (P0302)

The P0753 code is a shift solenoid problem and is unrelated to the way the engine runs.

This details will help.

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