Monday, April 16, 2012

Clutch squealing sound?

The Problem noticed on 2003 Toyota Tacoma.
The Squealing noise while getting reverse or while driving.But this noise goes away when clutch is fully depressed.

As per the details about the problem,the troubleshooting is as follows :---

Sounds like the input shaft bearing in the transmission is going bad. This is what produces the squealing noise. Pressing the clutch all the way in allows the input shaft to stop spinning so the noise goes away. When driving, if you push in the clutch the input shaft is still spinning as long as the transmission is in gear. The transmission will need to be pulled and the bearing replaced.

Basically as per the problem, only replacing the bearing will help.But if the vehicle has run too many miles then replacing the clutch as an assembly with bearing included with help.

The repair cost of replacing bearings is approx $450, but complete clutch bearing assembly replacing will cost approx $600.

This details will help.

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