Monday, April 16, 2012

2000 silverado Brake line pressure issue?

The issue is noticed on 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 4wd  model.The front brake lines replaced.But the lines are not bleeding the lines are not having any pressure.No pressure at all.

On basis of this description,the details to troubleshoot the problem is as follows:---

Try this  Crack open the lines at the master Cylinder and push the brake pedal down. Does the fluid come out with force? It should come out.For this procedure you will need helper to depress the brake pedal.

Please note:--- You should get a significant amount of fluid out of both ports when depressing the brake pedal. Only a dribble from each of the ports would indicate a bad brake master cylinder.

First while having your asistant hold pressure down on the brake pedal, open the lines at the master cylinder, close off lines and have them release pedal. Then have them depress pedal and you open the lines.

Keep repeating this process until you get good fluid flow from both ports. Then move to the inlet of the abs unit and bleed the air from the lines there the same way. Then do the outlets at the abs unit, then lastly bleed the brakes at the wheels the same way. Stop periodically to check the master cylinder fluid level and top off so it does not run out of fluid. Following this method should get fluid back to the brakes.

This details will help.

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