Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Valve Cover Keeps Cracking?

In this case the problem is noticed on Saturn L200 car model.
The valve cover is replace multiple times but it keeps cracking on same area after few weeks.

On basis of this description the troubleshooting detail for the problem is as follows:-----

First of all inspect  the timing chain,in most of such cases ,you will notice that timimg chain is gouging out the cover from the inside.
If the valve cover is gouged from the inside then the timing chain is definitely hitting the cover. This would be due to the timing chain being stretched. It would be wise to replace the timing chain before it jumps time. The engine does not need to be removed to replace the timing chain on this car model.

This job takes just a little over 5 hours. With parts, labor and fluids you are looking at around $800 for this repair.

This details will help.

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