Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Low beam headlights Modification?

The query for Chevrolet Impala/Silverado model.

In this query the customer needs to make the low beam headlights stay on when the high beam lamps are on.

On basis of this description the details are as follows:---

Yes its possible it can be done.But it cannot be done with simple bypass or jumper wire.There is a special relay from Bosch to do this.

A jumper wire will not work, as this will keep the high and low beams on together in both the low and high beam positions. You will need to use a relay to connect the low and high beam lights. The relay will need to be energized when the high beam lights are on.

You can purchase a universal relay (Bosch style) from your local parts store and then wire it to the system. Bosch relays have terminals on the bottom.

See how this relay basically look:---

Go though this wiring details while connecting this relay:----

On the Impala, connect terminal 86 to a power source. Connect terminals 85 and 30 to the Pink high beam wire and connect terminal 87 to the Dark Blue low beam wire. These connections can be made at either headlight.

On the Truck, the wiring should be done at the BCM under the drivers side of the dash. Connect terminal 86 to a power source. Connect terminals 85 and 30 to Black/White wire from the BCM. Connect terminal 87 to the Pink/White wire from the BCM.

This details will help.

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