Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Replacing O2 Sensor For OBD Code P0420?

In this case the customer replace engine on his vehicle.After replacing the oil rebuilt engine the Error code P0420 came up.

Customer replace Oxygen sensor but still error P0420 is coming up.

On basis of this description the troubleshooting details are as follows:---

First of all i will say that P0420 is a indication of faulty Catalytic converter.
I agree that the O2 sensor are down stream of the converters.But O2 sensor getting faulty and causing P0420 is rare as you will get different error code.
The computer does look at the upstream and downstream O2 sensors and compares the readings to determine if the converter is good or not. If the O2 sensor was faulty you would get different codes. The only reason a P0420 code will set is if the converter is bad. I have seen folks try to replace O2 sensors to cure a P0420 code, but it never works. Only thing you can do is to replace the converter.

This details will help.

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