Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No spark on 2008 Chevy Avalanche?

In this case there was no spark issue on Cylinder number 4.Other Cylinders were getting good spark.Its Chevrolet Avalanche model.The Ignition coil is already replace,the plug and wire are tested and replaced,The faulty plug gets wet and others are dry as usual.

On basis of this description the troubleshooting details are as follows :-----

As per the problem mentioned,in\t indicates that there is some sort of short or loose connecting in the wiring causing this problem.


With the key on, test for power on the pink wire at the ignition coil connector. If there is no power, repair the pink wire. If you do have power on the pink wire then the Dark Green/White wire likely has a break in it. This wire goes from the coil back to the PCM. Carefully inspect the wiring on top of the engine and around the PCM at the drivers side front of the engine compartment. Sometimes vehicle wiring will get chewed on by a rodent, causing breaks in the wiring.

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