Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2005 Pontiac G6 GT: Metallic clanking noise on idle?

The problem is noticed on Pontiac G6 vehicle.

There is loud metallic / clanking type noise is heard from the bottom side or back of engine.The noise is basically heard at idle.

The sound gets worse at around 1700-2000 Rpms.

The sound/noise is same whether the transmission is in gear or not in gear.

On this base of description the troubleshooting details for this problem is as follows :---

The problem sounds like it is a failing lifter or perhaps a rocker arm that is coming loose. I would suggest removing the valve covers so that the rocker arms can be inspected and retightened. Since the sound does not change in gear then it is not going to be a cracked flexplate (flywheel) and also will not likely be in the transmission.

Getting this possibilities mentioned here inspected will help.


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