Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ford Maverick: No Idle and Stalling issues?

This is old model 1972 Ford Maverick 4.1L Engine model.

In this vehicle the engine will not idle at all and stalls out when in gear.

On this types of problems the most possible issues are
The idle screw totaly backed out, air/fuel mixture out of adjustment or choke is sticking closed along with numerous vaccum leaks.

The First thing i will say is inspect the carburetor ,if its dirty or clogged due to carbon build up it can cause such problems.

Other thing to try is do some adjustments to the ignition timing or to the idle mixture and see if that is making any difference.

But if adjusting the idle mixture is not helping,then try checking and adjusting the ignition timing. Best way to do this is with a timing light. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the distributor and then adjust timing to 4 degrees before top dead center. Then reconnect vacuum hose. Make sure timing advances when the hose is connected. If there is no change, replace the vacuum advance canister on the distributor as well.

Please note this Further details :----

The fuel pickup is not on the float, the pickup screen is on a tube at the bottom of the tank. The float is just for the fuel level sensor. Ignition timing can make the engine run poorly, so don't overlook this as a potential problem.

Try closing the choke at the top of the carburetor and see if this improves the way the engine runs, then try removing a vacuum hose and introducing a vacuum leak to see if this makes the engine run better. If choking the engine makes it run better then it is not getting enough fuel. If introducing a vacuum leak makes the engine run better then the engine is getting too much fuel.

This details will help.

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