Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NO Brake Pressure?

The Problem Noticed on Pontiac Grand AM.

The brake is having pressure when engine is off,but when engine is on brake has no pressure at all.

On basic of this the details to troubleshoot this problem is as follows :----

First try this basic possibilities before confirming any part problem.

Bleed brakes and see if there is full pressure while engine is off .If yes then  the master cylinder is working. Once there is no more air in the lines turn engine on and try to apply the brakes.Do you have zero pressure to the floor.OR is braking properly for a while.
Basically  Pressure builds as you pump brakes while engine running, but if you notice engine stalling while holding brakes, throttled slightly to keep engine running . Check all brake lines for any air/ fluid leaks.

If its not helping then read further

If you have a good solid brake pedal with the engine off, but the pedal drops out with the engine running then you definitely have a bad brake booster. The engine stalling is also a symptom of a bad booster, due to a large vacuum leak.

The master cylinder is okay if it builds pressure with the engine off. When you remove the master cylinder to replace the booster, make sure you check to see if there is any leakage from the back of the master cylinder. If there is leakage you will have to replace the master cylinder too.

This details will help.

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