Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1998 Chevrolet Corvette: Power Seat Control Now Working?

On this car model there are 3 switches that controls the Power Seat.

The three small switches
One is to adjust the lower back support, next one is for the tightness of the seats (they hug your sides) and the third one tightens the upper back support.

If the Switch controls is not working the wiring's to the switch needs to be checked.

You will see  thin and thick orange colored wires in the switch.Test that wires with meter.You should get approx 12.6 or 12.8 volts.The orange wires should have power.

Now test the power wires,the wires which provide power to the seat function.
There is a red wire with a white stripe and 2 thin black wires with white stripes on them (black wires go to same port in connector) coming from the floor under the carpet to the seat connector. These are what control the seat functions.Test this wire with the meter You should get 12 volts.

Pull the floor carpet back and inspect the seat control wiring's under it.If you notice any short or loose wire.Reconnect or replace that wire and see if that helps.

NOW IF you have power on the thin orange wire, operate the switches and test for power on each of the following wires.

Lower lumbar inflate= Pink
Lower lumber deflate = Yellow

Side bolster inflate = Purple
Side bolster deflate = Gray/Black

Upper lumbar inflate = Yellow
Upper lumbar deflate = Gray

If the wires do not have power coming out then the switch is bad. If you get power out of these wires as indicated then the seat upper motor assembly is bad.

This details will help.

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