Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multiple problems on car: Car runs hot,A/C blows hot and car starts surging?

Its a multiple problem issue.

The Symptoms noticed are .......

  • First car runs hot.
  • Then A/C starts blowing hot
  • And then car starts surging.

As per this description mentioned,the troubleshooting for the problem is as follows :----

From the symptoms described, it sounds like the radiator cooling fan is not working. This will make the engine get hot, it will also not allow the air conditioner to cool properly. The compressor would also cycle on and off due to the high pressure in the system, this is the surging when the compressor turns on and off.

If the engine stays cool and the a/c cools okay when travelling down the road, this is because there is airflow through the condenser and radiator. When stopped, the fan must come on to provide this airflow.

In this case either its a bad radiator fan motor or relay, most likely it is the fan motor that is bad.

Getting this possibilities checked/ inspected will help.

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