Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera: The Engine cranks but not start?

In this case the engine cranks fine but will not start.ts 3.1L engine model Oldsmobile ciera.

To troubleshoot this problem,
Try this procedure :----
Remove one of the plug wires at the coil and crank the engine to see if you have spark.
If you get no spark then spark plug is the issue.But if you get spark but fuel not getting to it,then here is the problem.

On this Engine model the injectors are covered , so there is not an easy way to test for injector pulse. The problem is most likely a failed fuel pump. There is a test port on the end of the fuel rail, near the power steering pump. Fuel pressure can be tested at this port with a gauge. You should have 40-47 psi with the key on, engine off. If fuel pressure is lower than specified, replace the fuel pump.

Getting this possibilities checked / inspected will help.

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